Why do I need to claim my listing?

Your listing forms part of your ‘Online Presence’ and you need to take ownership of that asset. After all, who better to describe what your business does and how best to contact you… than yourself.
There is no downside to claiming your listing but a whole lot of upside if you do claim your listing.

What is a ‘Featured’ listing?

Individual listings are selected at random, to be marked as ‘Featured’. A featured listing is shown at the top of any search (if applicable), giving it a better chance of being seen. At this stage there is no plan to monetize this attribute.

How do I contact TMD?

The quickest and easiest way to make contact with the authors of the Tamborine Mountain Directory, is to sign up and become a subscriber. There is a full service ‘Messenger’ portal available to all logged-in subscribers.

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